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General Merchant and Sales

At Nsiah Automobile we deal in wholesaler or retailer who may buy goods (vehicle) from any or all sources all over the world for resale to anyone and everyone for profit. You can trust us with your vehicle all day, any day, everyday, with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Transport Services

At Nsiahautomobile we provide you with the best private and group automobile for transport, rentals services and general purposes. We give you a professional and breath taking automobile of luxury and several ranges of durable vehicles at an affordable prices for Schools, Churches, individuals, organizations and industries.

Import and Export of General Goods

We are focused on the best possible services and the competitive pricing of all brand and type of spare parts,body parts and accessories and automobile in large quantities from all over the world at an affordable prices at a customer satisfied rate.

Import of Automobile and Spare parts

Our export and import services are dependable, accurate and trusted. Safe transportation of an automobile from one coast to the other, and making a huge profit in the session, is all about the business of Nsiah Automobile. The job can effortlessly be carried out by opting for the best portal that offer you an excellent quotation for shipping in the correct time.

Countries like USA,UAE,Korea,Canada,Germanny no doubt, are illustrious for the best quality vehicles, greater range of fantastic models, competitive prices, and many other aspects that favor the reasoning to buy an automobile here. What then come into picture is the option to make huge profits with the import-export business, or to own your dream car at the most affordable and cheapest price for all kind of industry, institution, organization, private and government bodies.

Shipping of the automobiles, no doubt, can be accompanied with unfortunate bumps or scraps, or at times even with the complete loss of your automobile, for this reason Nsiah Automobile have design legal formalities of import-export authority forms that are issued by the government bodies, passports, the title check of the vehicles to be shipped, and other such issues should be taken care of.

Servicing of Automobiles

We understand the struggles and headaches involved in finding a service center that makes you a priority. Nsiah Automobile has trained expertise required for the Job, leaves up to its promise, and yet offers competitive prices. Here at our workshop, your satisfaction is our mission, customer care is our trade mark.

Whether you want to improve the performance or styling of your car, you can always count on our comprehensive range of care, repair and maintenance services. Your convenience, comfort and safety are our top priority; hence, you will never go wrong in entrusting your prized possession to our team of friendly and qualified mechanics.

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